Single Head Bridge Polishing machine-Bruce

1. Spare parts available in our warehouse.
2. 1 year Warranty.
3. 2019 Ce certification.


Single Head Bridge Polishing Machine – Bruce

  • The Bruce is a Multiple surface finishing machine for marble and granite slabs of 3300*2000mm.
  • Polishing, smoothing, bush hammering, texturing, sandblasting, etc.
  • Monoblock structure. Simple installation and quick start up.
  • Auto programming cycles. With preset traveling of head path over surface of slabs. 4 different preset modes of polishing path available.
  • Polishing head moving off-center, to have a better polishing.
  • Polishing head rpm adjustable by inverter. Both X axis (left/right) and Y axis (forward and backward) moving speed can be adjusted by inverter.
  • The linear rails and bearing are installed in the side rails with oil bath.
  • Quick tool changing.
  • The heavy load table tilts up to 85°.
  • On request, the Remote Assistance Module can be applied in order to ofter online after services in any countries.
  • The product is also called stone marble granite polishing machine, stone floor polishing machine, single head polishing machine, bridge polishing machine

桥式单头磨机 – Bruce

  • 桥式单头磨机用于花岗岩、大理石大板的抛光、仿古面、荔枝面和喷砂面等加工。
  • 连体结构,安装简易。
  • 自动运行程序,预设好的4种抛光途径可选。
  • 特殊的机头摆动结构,抛光更均匀。
  • 磨头转速及压力可调。
  • 快速更换磨料。
  • 工作台可翻板85度。
  • 可选配远程控制模块,实现零距离轻松检修。


Max working length/width 最大加工长/宽 mm 3300/2000
Max working thickness 最大加工厚度 mm 150
Table tilting degree 工作台翻板角度 ° 85
Power of main motor 主电机功率 Kw 9
Total power 总功率 Kw 17
Weigh of machine 机器重量 Kw 4500
Overall dimensions 外形尺寸 mm 5800/3400/2300 H