Mitre Saw-Joint 45°

1. Very accurate cutting of 45 degree and linear cut.

2. The joints will be always perfect, no matter how the stone thickness varies.

3. Automatic liftable rollers for loading and unloading stone, scratching prevented.

4. Pistons to hold the stone during cutting.

5.  Spare parts available in our warehouse.

6.  1 year Warranty.

7.  2019 Ce certification.


Mitre Saw Joint 45°

  • A versatile saw for making fast and accurate mitres.
  • The mitre cut by conventional bridge saws is inaccurate due to:

① Variations in the thickness throughout the slab.

② Varying height of the table surface.

③ Face-up cutting of the material.

④ Movement of the slab during 45 degree cutting because it is not fixed.

⑤ The material being not completely straight.

  • The mitre saw Joint 45° eliminates these problems because the material is loaded upside down on the rubber-topped table and clamped down by pneumatic pistons which also straighten the material and ensure that the polished surface is always straight.In addition,the smaller blade has less chipping of the material during cutting.

倒角机 Joint 45°

  • 这是一款非常精确的、专用于台面板45度倒角的切割机。


Max.length of stone 最大加工长度 mm 3200
Max.thickness of stone 最大加工厚度 mm 50
Power of disc motor 电机功率 kw 5.5
Cutting speed 切割速度 m/min 0-8
Disc diameter 锯片直径 mm 350
Dimensions of table 工作台尺寸 mm 3800/800
Dimensions of machine 机器尺寸 mm 4400/1400/1600
Weight of machine 机器重量 kg 1200