Hydraulic Splitting Machine-40T

1.  Spare parts available in our warehouse.
2.  1 year Warranty.
3.  2019 Ce certification.


Hydraulic Splitting Machine-40T

  • The hydraulic splitting machine is used to split cube stones,kerbstones,wall stones and any kinds of stones.
  • This model T40 is an automatic splitting machine specially designed for cubes and strips with small size.
  • Work on granite and marble.


  • 劈石机用于路沿石、小方块和外墙石等产品的天然面切割。
  • 40型主要用于切割小方块和条板石,可自动进料。
  • 液压驱动,利用硬合金刀头切割。
  • 可加工花岗岩和大理石等各种石材。


Working pressure 工作压力 ton 40
Max.cutting thickness 最大加工厚度 mm 200
Blade length 刀具长度 mm 200
Blade feeding speed 切割速度 Mm/second 30
Output per hour 产量 m²/hour 15
Power of main motor 主电机功率 Kw 4.0
Total power 总功率 Kw 4.0
Weight of machine 机器重量 Kg 1100
Dimensions of machine 外形尺寸 mm 1850/1450/1950 H