Hydraulic splitting machine-300T

1. Spare parts available in our warehouse.
2. 1 year Warranty.
3. 2018 Ce certification.


Hydraulic splitting machine-300T

The 300T is mainly used to produce kerbing, walling stone and as primary splitters in cobblestone production lines.

It splits very large stones with great accuracy.


Hydraulic pressure 液压压力 ton 300
Max. working height(marble) 最大厚度(大理石) mm 600
Max. working height(granite) 最大厚度(花岗岩) mm 400
Max. working width 最大宽度 mm 1200
Power of motor 电机功率 KW 18.5
Total power 总功率 KW 18.5
Machine dimensions 外形尺寸 mm 3800/3500/3000 H