Electric Splitting Machine-R180

The machine is specially for splitting wall stone to be rustic surface, mushroom surface, natural surface.

1. Spare parts available in our warehouse.
2. 1 year Warranty.
3. 2019 Ce certification.


Electric Splitting Machine-R180

  • The R180 is an electric operation machine used for processing of rusticating tiles for cladding or internal/external decoration.
  • This machine is useful to the industry for the recovery of material.
  • It works on granite,marble,travertine and slates,etc.
  • The R180 has robust structure and ease of use.


  • 利用硬石金刀头切割,用于加工蘑菇石、仿古面和天然面等石材。
  • 适用于花岗岩、大理石、洞石和板岩等石材。


Stone thickness 石材厚度 mm 5-30
Stone height 石材高度 mm 5-60
Cutting frequency 切割频率 Circles per min. 2
Width of cutting tool 刀具宽度 mm 80
Power of main motor 主电机功率 kw 1.5
Total power 总功率 kw 1.5
Weight of machine 机器重量 kg 900
Dimensions of machine 外形尺寸 mm 1000/900/2100 H