Bridge cutter – Express 600

Express 600

  1. No need build concrete wall.
  2.   Machine is 5800*3300mm only, saving space of workshop.
  3.  45 degree tilting head, the head can rotate at 0 degree and 90 degree. 360 rotation table. Monobloc steel legs.
  4.  Spare parts available in our warehouse.
  5.  1 year Warranty.
  6.  2019 Ce certification.




Bridge cutter- Express 600 

  • The Express 600 is a very flexible, compact and top-quality Bridge cutter.
  • Thanks to the 45° tilting blade and the extra 360° rotating table, the Express is good for cutting countertops and cut-to-size.
  • Machine is installed on a strong monoblock steel frame. It is pre-installed and tested before transport to customer. The installation at customer site is very simple and needs half day only.
  • The side rail is 3400mm in length, which is 1300mm less than a normal Bridge cutter. It saves the space.
  • Blade rpm controlled by an inverter, it is able to cut granite, marble, quartz and other types of stones. Also it is excellent at energy saving.
  • The automatic 45° tilting blade can do nice mitre cut. On request, the blade is able to tilt up to 90°.
  • Upgraded PLC software and 7”touch screen offer easy operation and fast cutting. Pages shown include axis positions and destinations, cutting programs, and alarm diagnostics with every function and push buttons displayed state.
  • The side rails use linear rails. Both X and Y axis movement are controlled by inverter and measured by magnetic railing ruler which gives great accuracy.
  • The table tilts up to 85° to easier loading and unloading the slab, driven by hydraulic.
  • The table rotates 0-360° manually. It stops at every 45°. It also locks at all position 0-360°.
  • All the motors are protected by thermal relay or inverter to prevent overload.
  • A mobile switchboard helps to move the blade manually.
  • All the machine parts and components are well manufactured and organized to guarantee the stable performance.
  • The developed machine guarantees accurate cutting, simple maintenance and low breakdown.
  • On request, the Remote Assistance Module can be applied in order to offer online after sevices in any countries.
  • The product is also called Stone granite marble bridge saw, automatic bridge saw, bridge saw with 45 cutting,monobloc bridge saw, stone bridge saw chamfer cutting, bridge saw with 45 tilting head, laser bridge saw, bridge saw with tilt table.

桥式切石机Express 600

    • 桥切Express是一台集中多种优势的桥切,切割精准,使用简单,维护方便,故障率低。
    • 机器安装于稳重的连体铁架上,运输时不拆装,发货前已调试完毕,在石材厂只需简易安装。
    • 锯片可倒角,工作台任意角度旋转,特别适用于台面板和规格板的切割。
    • 机器宽度比普通桥切小3米,有效节省工厂空间。
    • 机头90°旋转,45°电动倒角(可选配90°倒角)。
    • 锯片通过变频器无级调速,可切割花岗岩、大理石和石英石等各种石材。
    • 优化的PLC自动控制程序,搭配7”彩色触摸屏以及人性化的操作界面,让机器的使用更便捷。还配有遥控控制器。
    • 边梁装有直线导轨,横向和纵向分片切割都由独立的变频器控制,由磁栅尺定位,切割精度高。
    • 工作台0-85°液压翻板。手动360°旋转,可每45°液压定位,可任意角度锁紧。
    • 整机重达6500kg,稳定耐用。
    • 配备变频器和热继电器保护所有电机,防止过载,同时更节能。
    • 可选配远程控制模块,实现零距离轻松检修。


Max cutting length/width 最大切割尺寸 mm 3300/2000
Max cutting thickness 最大切割厚度 mm 180
Head rotating degree 机头旋转角度 ° 0° and 90°
Blade tilting degree 锯片倒角 ° 0-45° (90° optional)
Diameter of blade 锯片直径 mm 350-600 (500 when mitre cut)
Blade rpm 锯片转速 rpm 0-2000
Dimensions of table 工作台尺寸 mm 3200/2000
Table rotation 旋转角度 ° 0-360°, all position
Table tilting 工作台翻板角度 ° 0-85°
Power of blade motor 主电机功率 Kw 15
Total power 总功率 Kw 22
Overall dimensions 外形尺寸 mm 5800/3400/2300 H
Weight of machine 机器重量 Kg 6500